Solo show • »devils heads »
Feb 6th-March 13th
by hadrien de montferrand gallery ,Beijing 
798 Art District – Chaoyang
and Salon du dessin contemporain
March 25th -28 March 2010
at carrousel du louvre

• »Cissé / Toguo »
May 7th-July 10th / 2010
During the Biennale de Dakar 2010
Curated by Alban Corbier-Labasse
New performance « Lamentations » by barthelemy Toguo
Institut Français de Dakar

• « The world examination »
Centre d’art Contemporain de Châtellerault, France.
curated by Gildas Le Reste
june 12-August 30/ 2010
Collaboration Item editions, Paris.
Press release / Communiqué de presse (PDF)

• « liberty leading the people », new installation
at The Gulbenkian Foundation Lisboa, Portugal.
curated by António Pinto Ribeiro
New Performance « the plaintif, the accused, the culprit, the judge » 
18th-September 30th 2010

•Barthélémy Toguo / Tesse Village
« lyrics Night »
august 7th/2011-June 29th/2012
Bandjoun Station

•Barthélémy Toguo,
« the lost dogs’ orchestra » fall 2010
first solo show, at Galerie lelong, paris.
A New Performance, « public enemy » on The opening day.
Press release / Communiqué de presse (PDF)

•Barthélémy Toguo
« forum d’avignon 2010 »
Curated by Laure Kaltenbach, and Alexandre Joux.
Nov 4-6/ 2010.
Performance « bitter destiny »
by barthélémy Toguo on the opening day.
Palais des Papes , Avignon, France.

•Barthélémy Toguo »
Curated by Dominique Turcot
Fall 2010
Galerie de la ville de Poitiers

•Barthélémy Toguo »
Specific creation, « Doomsday ».
« le jugement dernier »
Curated by Eric Girard-Miclet
New Performance on the opening day,
« Silence » November / 2010
Centre culturel Français de Pointe Noire

« Mutations », barthélémy Toguo /Martin Sulzer
Curated by Mario Casanova
Centro d’arte Contemporanea Ticino,
Bellinzona, Switzerland
Nov 27-fev 5-2011

• Barthélémy Toguo « work in progress », 2010-2011
at manufacture nationale de sèvres, Paris• »Barthélémy Toguo … »
Work in Progress for New Film, 52 mn,
by Thierry Spitzer, Filmmaker.
2010-2011. Arkadin Film Production, Paris.
Collaborations, Item editions, Galerie Lelong,
Bandjoun Station, Manufacture nationale de sèvres,
studio toguo, Bandjoun kingdom Museum,
Musée d’art Moderne de saint-étienne …
Parution, end 2011.

•Toguo / Cissé
Curated by Alban Corbier and Hubert Maheux
New installation by barthélémy Toguo
Centre culturel Français de Douala, Cameroon.
March – Avril 2011

 Group show • « Fragile, Fields of empathy », Musée d’art moderne de Saint-Etienne, France
then traveling to Palazzo dei Falconieri,Roma, September 29- November 29, and Daejon Museum of Art, Korea, December 22th-march 21th 2010
curated by Dr Lóránd HEGYI
« The FRAGILE exposition presents a selection of a forty of international artists, of which the works indicate a vision both intimate and anthropological of the experience of contemporary life. Through the usage of various media (paint, sculpture, drawing, video, installation), they celebrate the life in what she has of more banal one and of essential one. Neglecting severe absolutism of the definite structures, the different plastic methodologies of these artists reflect an interest for subtle events and microphones narratives, within limitless complexity of our daily one. »
16 May – 16 August 2009

• Philagrafika 2010 « The Graphic Unconscious », Phildelphia, PA, USA
curated by Jose Roca, Lorie Mertes, Shelley Langdale, Sheryl Conkelton, John Caperton, Julien Robson

•Barthelemy Toguo at Arco, 2010 Madrid, Spain.
by Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art Vienna
17- 21 february 2010

•Rencontres de Bamako »
Foto Museum Anvers, Belgium
Feb 23- May 16 /2010
Johannesburg Art Gallery
Cape Town National Gallery , S A.
and Centre culturel Franco-Mozambicain,
Maputo, Mozambique
Jun 20-Sep 4 / 2010

• »Island Never Found »
Curated by Dr Lorand Heygyi 
march 12 -2010 -june 2011 
At palazzo ducale, genoa, italia.
At state museum of contemporary art, thessaloniki greece.
June 28 -sept 30/2010
At museum of modern art, saint étienne, france. 
Dec 16/2010-Feb 13/2011

•Barthélémy toguo
« les hivernales d’avignon »
at theatre des hivernales, avignon, france.
Curated by Valérie da Costa
feb 13 -feb 20 / 2010

• »World in Hand/ Welt in der Hand »
curated by: Miya Yoshida and  Christiane Mennicke
Kunsthaus Dresden, Germany.
March 19th – May 23th, 2010
• Dialogue among civilisations, Durban University of Technology, Durban, South Africa
22 march 2010
Curated by Jan Jordan
– Durban art Gallery, Durban, South Africa
– Kirkcudbright international Arts Festival, Scotland
– Shackles of Memory, Nantes, France
•. »The Beauty of Distance »
17th biennale of sidney, Australia.
Artistic Director: David Elliott
« the wet umbrella », specific creation by barthélémy toguo
New  performance « punishment »  by barthélémy Toguo on the opening day.
May 12th-August 1st/ 2010

•Barthélémy Toguo.
« Salon africain du design » Cotonou, Benin.
curator: Irene Sossa
April 26-30/ 2010• »The Smell of God », MCAD and OBSIDIAN ARTS, Mineapolis, MN, USA.
Curated by Hernub Roderic, Constant Kpami
New Performance « baptism »  by barthélémy Toguo on the opening day.
May 29-August 22

•Barthélémy Toguo « work in progress », 2010.
Curated by, laurence Maynier, and David Cameo
at manufacture nationale de sèvres, Paris

• »Space: Currencies in Contemporary African Art »
11th may-11th july 2010
Curated by Thembinkosi Goniwe and Melissa Mboweni
at museum africa, newtown, johannesburg, south africa

• »Longing for Sea-Change »
Curated by Barbara Thompson, Ph.D Phyllis Wattis
june 2010-june 2011
Cantor Arts Center, Stanford University. CA

MoMA, The Museum of Modern Art, NY
« New Acquisition 2010 »
« The Erotic Diary of a Lumberjack »
« Le Journal Érotique d’un Bûcheron »
by Barthélémy Toguo
with 12 linocuts and texts by the artist
michael woolworth ed, 2010, Paris.

•Environment and Object in Recent African Art »
Curated by John Weber, Lisa Aronson
Museum and Art Gallery at Skidmore College
January 2011 until August 2011 -Nov 2012

• »The Ocean »
Curator: Florence Guionneau-Joie
July 10-October 3/ 2010
Palais Bellevue, Biarritz
Press release / Communiqué de presse (PDF)
Cartoon Invitation

Grand Palais / Louvre

barthélémy Toguo,New installation,
« The African Cocoa Farmer, a Bitter life»
21-24 Octobre 2010

• »Africa:See You, See Me! »
Curated by Dr Awan Amkpa
Museu Da Cidade- Pailhao Preto,
Lisbon, Portugal.
September 30th-November 28th/ 2010

•Barthélémy Toguo
« The Production of Space »
Curated by Tasha Parker
Studio Museum Harlem, New york, USA.

The Production of Space brings together works from the permanent collection that address the relationship between bodies and public spaces. Consisting primarily of conceptual photographs, The Production of Spaceinvestigates this theme in a number of ways, including through the exploration of urban terrain, performance or intervention, and the use of documents and regional borders as symbols of spatial policing.

•Art Basel Miami Beach, MI, USA.
by Lelong Gallery
Convention Center
Stand GO1

barthélémy Toguo, New Installation
and live Performance on the opening day,
« The Unknown soldier »

•Barthélémy Toguo »Mises à l’eau »
Curated by Jean-Michel François
Maison de la Culture de la Province de Namur, Belgium
Jan 22 – Mar 06 / 2011

• »ARS 11″
Curated by Jari-Pekka Vanhala
Museum of Contemporary Art KIASMA,
Helsinki, Finland
Apr 14th-Nov 27th

•Barthélémy Toguo
« Fabula Graphica 3 »
Curated by Stéphane Carrayrou
Grandes Galeries de l’Aître Saint Maclou
Ecole des Beaux-arts de Rouen, France
May 18 – June 10. 2011

•Barthélémy Toguo  » Habiter la Terre »
Biennale internationale d’art contemporain de Melle, France.
Curated by Dominique Truco
Jun 25 – September 3 / 2011