•Barthélémy Toguo,”
Là où se fait notre histoire”
Curated by Anne Alexandri

Fnac Corse
, Corte
June 1-July / 2011


•Barthélémy Toguo
Specific creation for “Fabula Graphica 3”
Curated by Stéphane Carrayrou

Grandes Galeries de l’Aître Saint MaclouEcole des Beaux-arts de Rouen
FranceMay 18 – June 10. 2011


Lisbone, Portugal

“liberty leading the people”, new installation
curated by 
António Pinto Ribeiro at The Gulbenkian Foundation Lisboa,
Portugal.New Performance 
“the plaintif, the accused, the culprit, the judge” 
June 18th-September 30th 2010


•Barthélémy Toguo,
“The Beauty of Distance”Artistic Director: David Elliott

17th biennale of sidney
Australia.”the wet umbrella”, specific creation by barthélémy toguoNew performance “
punishment”  by barthélémy Toguo on the opening day.May
12th-August 1st/ 2010

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